Everything Is Good - Thursday, December 4, 2014

We returned to the doctors to get the shot Bill didn't get two days ago.
Back where we started.
First Dr. Putman (doesn't he look like a teenager) gave Bill a shot to numb his hand.

About 10 minutes later,
he precisely administered the $3000 miracle drug!!!
Bill was VERY brave and held VERY still ;o))
Finally it was all over, hand wrapped, jacket on and ready to head home!!!
We come back on Monday to have the hand manipulated. 
Manipulated means... to break up the hard knots of tissue causing the problem!!!
But until then, it is back to normal....
Back at Huntington Beach, we headed out for our  morning walk.
Bill is just fine....
After lunch, he is back to cleaning :o))
Yep, he can still handle the broom :o)))
We'll let you know how this adventure plays out on Monday!!


  1. Good luck with that hand Bill. Dianne had a $330 shot in her knee before we left Canada. The joys of growing older.

  2. Glad the hardest part is behind you Bill. That is the hardest part isn't it?? You looked a bit uncertain there with those needles. I think you weren't looking. I don't either. Hate needles. But glad to see you are still on the job keeping Baby as the cleanest full timing rig in the land.

  3. Glad the second time was a charm! Bill can show us his expertise in person next time:)
    Keep us posted on how things are progressing :)

  4. One needle in the hand is bad enough, can't imagine two shots. Manipulating the hand sounds... interesting.

  5. Lima bean cake would sure help the healing! Hee Hee. Glad to see Bill is still able to clean! Hugs to you both

  6. I'm so glad Bill didn't cry when he got his shot. Did you give him a lollypop afterwards as his reward for being a big boy? :cD

  7. Glad this is behind you and it went well. Now you can enjoy yourselves!

  8. Good news. Manipulation? Good luck with that. Hope it is not a big deal.

  9. Get well soon mon ami. We have a river to paddle in a few weeks.