Christmas With The Family – Tuesday, Dec 23 to Thursday, Dec 25, 2014

On Tuesday, December 23rd, we picked up my mother and headed to Raleigh, NC.

The boys stayed busy playing cards!!
1a - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Spades & fix computer

The girls stayed busy preparing for our Christmas Feast:o))
1c - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - pies and cookies1b - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - cutting up fresh fruit1d - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - pumpkin pies

Samantha and Emily decorated the tree and the stockings were hung!!!
1f - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - stockings are hung 1g - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - stockings are hung

Julie prepared a wonderful Spaghetti Dinner :o)
1e - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - sphaghetti dinner

Our day ended with the traditional neighborhood Christmas Light walk!!

Emily and Samantha in front of their house:o)
1h - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

1ha - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk  1hb - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

1hc - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk  1hd - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

On Wednesday, December 24th, Brian and Chris arrived to join in the fun!!

We were going to have our Christmas Feast today, but first some pictures;o)))

Julie wanted some photos of the children for next years Christmas Card
1ja - Kids Christmas Photos1jd - Kids Christmas Photos1jf - Kids Christmas Photos1jg - Kids Christmas Photos

Next, the annual Christmas Family Portrait.
1kb - Family Christmas Photos

Of course, we had to take the “Weirdo” Family Photo!!1kc - Family Christmas Photos

We had to photo all of Santa’s Helpers!!1lb - Santa Family Photos

Finally, we have the Santa Siblings:o))
1ma - Santa Siblings1mb - Santa Siblings1mc - Santa Siblings1md - Santa Siblings

Once all the photos were finished,

it was time for the Christmas Feast!!!
3a - Christmas Eve dinner3b - Christmas Eve dinner3c - Christmas Eve dinner

After a wonderful dinner,

More cards….
4 - Guys Playing Cards

Another Christmas light walk….  there can’t be too many lights;o))
1he - Dec 23 - Getting Ready for Christmas - Christmas Light Walk

We laughed ourselves silly watching…

“Christmas Vacation!!!”
5h - Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning, December 25, 2014

5b - Christmas Morning

Andrew, Julie’s first child, is getting a bit to big to sit on her lap;o))5a - Christmas Morning

Our traditional Christmas Breakfast!!!
5c- Christmas Morning5d - Christmas Morning

UM, UM Good:o))
5e - Christmas Morning  5e2 - Christmas Morning

Brian and Chris are certainly ready for Christmas!!5f - Christmas Morning

The Master Christmas List….
5g - Christmas Morning

In order to keep the kids from figuring out which gifts were theirs,
Julie put numbers on each gift… no names. 

Only she knew where the code was kept!!!

Once the code was discovered, the fun began:o))
06 - Christmas Blurrr06b - Christmas Blurrr - deciphering the code06c - Christmas Blurrr -06d - Christmas Blurrr - Santa Leaves a Reminder06e - Christmas Blurrr
06f - Christmas Blurrr - Grandpop and the girls

Great Grandmom enjoying the fun!06l - Christmas Blurrr - Great Grandmom enjoying the morning

Looks like Santa wore himself out ;o))
06m - Christmas Blurrr - And to All a Good Night

Merry Christmas to All  &  To All A Goodnight!!


  1. Too cute :) The very BEST part of the holidays has always been family. Happy Holidays to all of yours!

  2. Your family is just such fun! I have to hand it to Steve and Julie, the lights on the house are wonderful. Is this a neighborhood competition? What fun to live on streets with lights so all you have to do is go out and take a walk to be enchanted. But Julie, what a fabulous idea to number the presents and hide the code. You are a genius! Great pictures Nancy of your zany bunch. I can hear the laughter as I read it. Wonderful memories!!

  3. What a blast! Your family Christmas celebration looks like a lot of fun!!

  4. Wow! Love the code idea :) Happy New year :)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas...great family time!
    Happy New Year...All the best in 2015!

  6. I'm surprised you didn't put everyone in your new Christmas "Toy" and drive all around the neighborhood singing Jingle Bells! :cD

    Great pictures, great memories!

  7. What a great recap of your Christmas! Great memories and so glad your mom was able to be a part of the festivities!