A Christmas Warm-up – Sunday – December 14, 2014

Sunday morning, we picked up my Mom and headed to Raleigh, North Carolina.
Our Grand-daughters are performing in their first Christmas Program.
We arrived at our daughter’s house early afternoon.
Shortly after our arrival, we were treated to the Jingle Bell Dance:o))
01 - The Jingle Bell Dance  02 - The Jingle Bell Dance
Yep, Emily and Samantha are flying high for Christmas!!
03 - Emily Jumping for Joy  04 - Samantha Jumping for Joy
Daniel treated us to a piano concert!!
05 - Daniel Playing the Piano
Andrew and Grandpop were practicing magic tricks!
06 - The Magicians
Emily and Samantha did a great job decorating the Christmas Tree!!!
07 - Pretty Tree
Before heading to church for the Christmas program,
we celebrated Steve’s December Birthday!!!
08 - Happy Birthday Steve 09 - Birthday Love
Happy Birthday Steve !!!!
Daniel’s Birthday is next month and we won’t be here;o((
We wanted to be sure he could have his favorite Coconut Cake. 
So we gave him all the necessary ingredients to make the cake for his birthday.
10 - You Gave Me WHAT for my birthday
I think he really wanted the cake NOW:o))
The Grand Finale of our trip was a WONDERFUL Christmas Program at their church!!
11 - Church Decorations
All the children did a great job and really got us into the Christmas Spirit!!
12 - Christmas Program Cast  12b - Christmas Program Cast
Our Emily was a Shepherdess and delivered her lines perfectly!!
13 - Emily the Shepardess  13b - Emily delivering her lines
Our Samantha did a fabulous job as one of the Singing Angels!!
14 - Samantha the Angel  15 - Angel Choir
The girls were all smiles and Great-Grandmom was so proud!!!
18 - Good Job19 - Great Grandmom and the girls

We are really in The Christmas Spirit :o))


  1. Your grandkids are ALL angels! :c) What a special time.

    Loved the cake ingredients gift, that's a great idea (thinking outside the box) :cD

  2. These are just great pictures. Love the in-flight ones. So nice that the children will have such wonderful memories of theirl great-grandmother and their GREAT grandparents.

  3. Oh, this post brought a big smile to my face :) How wonderful to share those moments with the grandkids. It's such a big deal for them and to have you there made it extra special.

    Happy Birthday, Steve!

    I must say, Andrew looked a bit underwhelmed with your Coconut Supreme gift :) Those kind of pictures make it really special later looking through them! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. Great memories were made with your grandchildren. What a great way to get into the spirit!

  5. Looks like fun, fun times! What great memories everyone has made together!

  6. What great Christmas memories :) Great idea giving him the ingredients for his favorite cake!

  7. We sure have enjoyed seeing your grandkids grow up through your blog. Looks like everyone had a great visit. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

  8. Great pre-Christmas celebration! The kids are certainly lucky to have you in their lives!