Time For A Florida “Vacation” – Tuesday, Oct 28 to Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014

We have been back at the South Carolina Beaches since Labor Day.  It is the perfect time to be at the beaches of South Carolina.  However, it begins to cool down come November, so it is time for a little Florida Vacation;o)) 

We managed to snag a site for a week at Anastasia SP near St. Augustine.  Then we follow that with 3 weeks at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  After that we head back to Buck Hall for Thanksgiving and Huntington Beach for our “Snowbird” month during Christmas!!

We left Buck Hall on Monday, October 27th and drove to Walkabout RV Park in Woodbine, Georgia.  It is our usual one-night stop on our way to Florida.  Walkabout is a PPA campground owned by a delightful Australian couple and their young family.  Easy on, easy off I-95, laundry facilities and the nice owners make it the perfect stop.

On Tuesday, October 28th, we left Walkabout RV Park around 9am and drove 2 hours south to Anastasia State Park.  We did not follow Google’s directions as they wanted to route us through downtown St Augustine and across the Bridge of Lions :o((

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00a - Map to Anastasia State Park via Rt 1 through Old Town St. Augustine  00a2 - Map to Anastasia State Park across the Bridge of Lions
Instead, we followed the State Park website suggestion to take
I-95 to Rt. 207 to Rt. 312 and then north on Rt. A1A to the state park entrance. 
It was a very easy drive with minimal traffic :o))
00b - Map to Anastasia State Park via I-95, 207, 312 and A1A 00b2 - Map to Anastasia State Park approaching from the south on A1A00b3 - Entering Anastasia State park
We did have to wait to get on our site.  Checkout time at Florida State Parks is 1pm and the people on our site stayed to the last minute.  However, that gave us time to get lunch and chill a bit. We finally got to our site #118 on the Coquina Loop and got set up.  The sites are a bit tight, but they are private and very natural :o)  We are on a 36 foot site and Baby is 35 feet long.  We cannot park the Tahoe in front of Baby.
00c - Site 118 Anastasia State Park, FL  00d - View from Site 118, Anastasia State Park, FL
Shortly after we got settled, our friends Bill and Cris from Murrells Inlet called to say they had arrived at the World Golf Village.  We have plans to meet them today for dinner.  Then tomorrow, the guys are going to the World Golf Hall of Fame followed by a round of golf on the Slammer and Squire Course.  The girls are taking off to do a walking tour of St. Augustine.
So off we headed, 19 miles, to have dinner with Bill and Cris!!01 - Map from Anastasia to World Golf Village  19 miles
Bill and Cris are staying at The Renaissance Hotel at World Golf Village.01 - Bill and Cris
The Renaissance Hotel is at the bottom of the photo.03 - World Golf Village
We walked from the hotel to Murray Bros Caddy Shack along the lake for dinner.02 - Murray Bros Caddy Shack
After a delicious dinner, we took a stroll around the lake.
Bill and Bill in front of The World Golf Hall of Fame.04 - Bill and Bill in front of the World Golf Hall of Fame
A little later, the two of them were were caught harassing Old Tom Morris ;o((05 - Bill and Bill harrassing Old Tom Morris 05b - Old Tom Morris Placque
Yep… the next couple days will be fun!!!


  1. We never made it to St Augustine when we were in FL last winter. Saving it for next time! I'm really interested in the Golf hall of Fame too. Have fun there!

  2. Baby looks just fine in the site you squeezed her in. Hope the sunsets are as pretty from your site as they were in Modoc! Enjoy that fine weather. :c)

  3. Opps, I'm afraid Winnona and her dolly and Ruby wouldn't make it there. Looks like you have lots of fun planned. We were only in Anastasia for a very short time just to check it out and decided we would love to come back. Can't wait to see all you do there.

  4. Here's wishing Bill and Bill a fantastic game! Hope the girls enjoy their time too :)

  5. Our first RV trip outside of NC was to St Augustine several years ago. It has a special place in our hearts.

  6. Good call on the "bridge of lions". Sometimes the name says it all. How I wish I would have listened to that intuition the day I convinced Sharon to follow me down the snow ski trail called "The Shitter". :-) Hope to see y'all soon.

  7. ...hope my last comment went thru. PS. your links need updated sweetie, Anastasia and Fort Cinch don't work