It's COLD!! -- Friday - December 13, 2013

OK, I am hoping that our 30 degree morning here at Huntington Beach is just a
"Friday the 13th phenomenon!!!"
We are halfway through our month long stay and still waiting for it to warm up;o((
We have walked the beach
it is still beautiful
even though we are dressed like we were getting ready to go skiing;o(
Most of the birds have headed to warmer places,
 but we did see
Black Skimmers
Our Pelicans;o))
We spent four days in Raleigh, NC visiting our daughters crew!!
They are sure in the holiday spirit!!
They were quite busy decorating and preparing for Christmas:o))
We will be heading back that way with my mother on the 23rd!!
Most of our time here has been spent helping Mom with some errands and appointments.
We also needed to do a bit of Christmas Shopping ourselves:o)
Bill is getting a bit antsy...
It's been too cold to be washing and polishing Baby;o))
He even took my camera and snapped the following photo of a very gaudy motorhome!! 

Yep, it is maroon and gold with a purple door and window awnings!!!
It's time to move on before....
Baby gets a new look  :o(((


  1. GREAT POST!! So sorry you have 30 degrees, we have 30mph winds. Julie's house looks fantastic. I would have loved that if someone else would take it down and put it up for me. :-)) Hope some warm is headed your way soon.

  2. That cold weather must be hard to take after all that warm sunshine in the Keys. Where we are in SC it's a proverbial heat wave compared to your temps...36 degrees! :c)

  3. Ewwww, hope Baby doesn't get any ideas :-) I'm with you on this cold weather...well at least part of it. We had the heat on last night here in Florida! No, no, no! I didn't sign up for this :-) Have a great Christmas with your Mom and family!

  4. OK... so why would anyone do that to their Winnebago? I don't think that would work on Baby, Bill, so don't get any ideas! Nice shot of the pelicans. Christmas is in the air at Julie's, that's for sure!

  5. You have to wonder what it looked like before they painted it-yikes! Hope it warms up soon.

  6. I bet that Bill is getting "antsy"! Love the shot of the 4 pelicans. Hurry up back down to FL!!

  7. Thirty six was not even our high here in PA. Seen some mornings in the teens. Enjoy the beach!

  8. Wow - that's some motorhome! I think I'd get tired of that REAL quick! Hope you guys are warming up . . . we had a couple chilly days in the 50s (but at least still sunny!), but now we're back in the mid 70s for the next several days . . . and even approaching 80 degrees tomorrow! We went up to Flagstaff on Friday and just about FROZE!! It was in the 20s and WINDY! We don't miss that!

  9. We are catching up on our blog reading. The weather in south TX has been chillier than usual, too. It varies from perfect (70 - 80 degrees, sunny) to chilly and wet (40 - 50 degrees). We are not complaining about the rain after the past few years of draught. Looks like you had fun with your family. We probably won't be painting our Mountain Aire with primary colors any time soon, but more power to Bill if he wants to do this :-).