Hike to Mt. Pisgah Summit - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Travel Map
Lake Powhatan Recreation Area
Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

We woke to clear skies and decided to head back up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Our mission was to hike to the Summit of Mt. Pisgah!!

We return to the trailhead we located yesterday.

The trail began easy enough... 

It wasn't long before it became a serious climb!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL climb :o))

That is until the FOG rolled in as we got near the summit ;o((

At the summit they have built a viewing platform.

Right next to the viewing platform is a TV station tower
which really seems out of place :o(

I wish I could tell you I was sitting down because the VIEW took my breath away...

That was not the case!!! 

We waited around for quite a while, hoping the fog would lift.

However, that didn't happen and we headed back down the mountain.

Of course you know the fog lifted
just as we got to the parking lot ;-))

Oh well, that just means we will have to hike it again!!!

As we traveled the BRP back to our campground,
we stopped at the overlooks along the way.

Pretty cool that we have our own "River Valley" overlook!! 

Seems like the perfect spot to enjoy our lunch. 

While we didn't get the summit view we had hoped for...

We sure saw some beautiful views from the overlooks!!


  1. Ya win some, and ya....... You got great pictures and it's all about the journey anyway. Sorry to hear they got away with a tower to ruin the pristine beauty.

  2. Sorry the fog rolled in just at you reached the top. It's always amazing to me how quickly those higher elevations can fog up. Looks like a nice hike anyway. We are still in Tampa in the heat and seeing you both in long sleeves makes us jealous of the nice weather.

  3. There may have been fog obscuring your view of the valley, but you had a great view of that TV tower! :cD

    Nice that they posted that sign for your river valley overlook. How much did they pay you to use your name? ;c)

  4. I love your pictures of Bill "disappearing" into the fog. Very artistic :-p.

  5. I think the foggy conditions are excellent for a hike :) Of course, I never pay attention to where I'm walking...I just walk! :) This would have been a good one for me :)

  6. All that effort and no view! Still the most fun way to get some exercise!

  7. Darn, you missed the view. Have to do it again! Nice pictures :)